9a7 lsanik EEYORE :P

.. in this rainy weather shayleen shlalatna w ray7en el chalet :D .. i love going there in winter it just suits my mood .. dont get me wrong i'm not a gloomy person .. i just love gloomy weather :P i think it has something to do with me being born in summer ... Hmmm !!

" well then , that's all for today .. see you on Monday ... and have a nice weekend " The professor ended his lecture as he turned away to the computer stand.

the rustle of papers and notes filled the huge theater that we attended for our daily lectures, everyone stood up picking their bags and laptops while laughing and chatting away, making their way out of the theater after a long week filled with projects and essays.

i stood up from my chair at the far right corner of the theater and picked up my notes, placing them neatly in my bag ... then closing it, i wore my jacket picked up my bag and placed it on my shoulder and started my way up climbing the stairs to the door, most of the students had already left.. it was only me and a couple of girls who were still chatting, one of them was waving with her hands everywhere while the other made faces indicating how shocked she was at whatever they were talking about.

" Oh My God, did he actually say that? How could he ? ", I overheard the girl with the stupid faces.

I approached the door and they both fell silent and looking at me they smiled, i smiled back and pushed the door to get out.

the hallway was empty, i walked silently while a thousand thought raced in my head and the only sound i could hear was the clicks of my shoes on the marble floor.

as i got out o the university and reached the street my thoughts were invading my brain like an army through war, and i had to shake my head every now and then trying to clear it but no use.

i thought about my unfinished project that i had to complete soon enough, i thought about my presentation that gave me the creeps, since i have stage fright and my face would get all red and hot as soon as i see people looking at me expecting something to come out of my mouth, i thought about my list of notes that were supposed to be finished before the weekend !!

then i thought about my family back home, oh how i missed my sisters.
Just then HE slipped in my mind and a smile formed on my face, i always thought i will get married the usual way, i always said that I'll definitely be a part of an arranged marriage, where his mother would have seen me somewhere in a gathering and would ask about me, eventually she'd come to our house to ask my hand in marriage to her son. thats exactly how i thought it would be cause i knew myself, I'm not the kinda girl that would go for a relationship, i cant handle it and i cant keep a secret.

But that was NOT the case !!

Exams are sooo way back wara '6ahry, w now that i'm home nothing feels as great as being surrounded by the people i love the most.

It always feels invigorating stepping out of the plane and placing my feet in Kuwait's airport, somehow i feel like a rush of happiness just crawls on me and i smile like its the most natural thing to do ... looking at people who are waiting to board on their planes .. and still smiling .. knowing that they are asking in their minds .. "shfeeha hal5ebla smiling at us" ... and yup i'm still smiling cheny maynoona .. going down to the stands where they stamp the passports before going to pick up our luggage (madry shesma halmokan) , w still smiling at the employee ..

"el7amdella 3al salama e5ty"

"allah ysalmik :D" lel7een shaga el 7alj ..

walking to the luggage and still smiling w ana na6ra my bag to come out .. then .. waiting




waiting bas lel7een smiling



still waiting ....

ra7ow el awadem .. my smile is fading ..hmmm !!

la7'6a chenna thats my name on the board there ..

Bags that weren't loaded on the plane
Curly Curls


" Honey ...!!" calling out to my hubby

" na3am galbi" looking at me from where he stood.

" ta3al shoof shno hatha , waaaai God laish chethy 7a'6y .. why why ?? laish something has to happen everytime, laish it's never a peacful ride to home ? "

"he he , 7abebti dont be so dramatic" he said while laughing.

" it's not funny , lo jan6itek chan ge3adt t9are5 3ala kel wa7ed belma6ar ... hmm " and i gave him a look.

it appeared that my bag was the only bag not loaded on the plane , and after my hubby did the usual procedure they said they were going to bring it by our house first thing tomorrow ... not-so-surprisingly it still hasnt arrived :S

I'm tired, sick and really miss home :(

I hate exams, I hate that as soon as they start i begin to have these unbearable, persisting headaches that wont go away until the last day of exams, i hate that i get sleep deprived ... i love my sweet hours of feeling nothing, and just being oblivious to what ever is going around me.
I hate how i cry at night mn el5ar3a mn the last exam that i haven't had the strength to study for coz I'm simply just too tired.

Anyhow, anyhoo .. in 2 hours i should be heading for my freaking last exam.. alla yester :S

Yesterday after i got out of my exam .. i stumbled into a bookshop (hehe stumbled , its like i never meant to go there) anyway .. i saw this cute page-a-day calendar and i had to buy it ..

i got home and i instantly started unwrapping :P and i went through the past days since 2009 started and read the cute Quotes , and i fell in love with my calendar <3>

P.S ,, the background are my stupid notes :P

I woke up today at 7am, the sun is not even up yet, '3a9eb shela3t nafsy mn my bed w went to the bathroom .. i washed up and prayed .. then went to my stupid notes that where scattered everywhere on my desk.

i tidied up the place then started studying till 12pm that's when i felt my head is going to explode .. so i slept for an hour and when i woke up i changed and went to the uni for my much feared exam.

It was raining ouside and it was still dark even though it was only 2pm,the weather was simply gloomy.. and on normal days, on days when i dont have exams and when my brain is soo fresh with no numbers and formulas,no ions or atoms... that weather would've just been how i wanted it to .. so i could take my reflecting walks alone just roaming the paved roads and looking around at people..

But today i needed some sun to brush away all the tension, nervousness and fear that started to build up inside me.

by the time i was at my uni, i had half an hour to get inside the exam hall and prepare myself ... and GOD how i hate this moment, my stomache starts to flip and i feel that i'm not ready yet.. and to come and think of it i never for once deshait an exam w thought that i'm prepared .. Hmm :S

2 Hours later ...

El7amdella ... El7amdella
i actually think i did GOOD :D

I finished my exam at about 1pm , I was already feeling sleepy and very dizzy but Curls el thakeya went and had a nice cup-a-coffee ... sooo i couldn't sleep ... w i was supposed to be resting to study for my next exam ...

After hours of useless net surfing .. it was 6pm

My dearest Calls ... ...

" 7abebtii ma tabeen tadrseen ?? "

Curls, " Embala, bas ba3d shway !! "

" Galbii bas mo bacher ur exam ??? "

me smiling " Laa2, mooo baacher on Wednesday " replied w 7addy laid back w relaxed on my bed..

Curls then chena felt something is wrong ... *thinking I'll just take a look at my time table*

20 Jan 09 ..... Tuesday .... EXAM

OMG OMG OMG ... i freaked out .. checking my phone ... OMG its 8.30pm .... I'm sooooooooo gonna fail .. of course that was accompanied with hysterical crying and panicking ...

I took my notes from their hide out w started calming myself down .. At 9pm i started studying .. It's 1am now .... I'm gonna rest for a couple of hours to get back to studying with a fresh brain :(

ed3oooly ... really Don't wanna fail ;( ..

I'll update tomorrow

In my case , always a Blog-follower never a blogger ... until now !
After much thought and consideration I decided I should join this world of unravelled secrets and unknown personalities.

I first stumbled upon blogger when I was going through some work for my school project, frantically typing words on google trying to find something relevant to the actual topic I'm supposed to search for, eventually I clicked on a link ... aaaaand a BLOG, I read through the first paragraphs and it was captivating, I had no more time to waste .... so I added the link to my favourites and continued my hopeless search for pieces of useful information.

In a few weeks time I was addicted to reading blogs ... but it took me much more time to start one myself ... anyhoo anyhoww ... here I am ... publishing my first post ever :D

P.S I don't yet know what this blog is going to be about .. but i guess I'll figure that out soon enough ..