Last night while me and my husband were having dinner:

Him: So whats with the girls and their statuses on Facebook ??

Me: Madry i havent been on facebook for ages .. laish sh9ayer ??

Him: well , all the girls have colours on as their statuses , Pink, blue, black .. you name a colour its there !!

Me: HuH ??!!! wait !

i get up and log in into my facebook account.

Turns out to be every girl is posting the colour of her BRA !!! What the HELL ??
you might ask why as i did...

because some stupid person started this whole campaign to raise Breast cancer awareness .. dnt ask me how will that happen ..

But seriously girls.. 3aib 3alaikom !!

shno ya3ny now every guy you have on facebook knows what colour is you bra ..
you do know inna ur bra is considered something private w its part of your underwear that no one should see ?? right ??

i kept imagining girls walking by w the guys thinking "Yep shes wearing Pink with sparkles !!"