Haaaa tga3deeny wenty tnameeen ?? "

I snapped out of my dream into the world of reality... I was still seeing her though, she was still there, and she was for real. I closed my eyes again 'please don’t go, please, pretty please' I pleaded in hope that I would continue dreaming, when that hope slowly faded, the dream disappeared and stored itself in the folds of my brain.

“ I WAAAANT A BAAAABY ” I cried, looking at HIM waiting for a response.

He was still staring at me, his face was without expressions, then suddenly his mouth formed a smile slowly turning into a wide one, his eyes got smaller and smaller as his puffed cheeks pushed them.

A Roaring laugh followed, It kicked me out of the bed as he jumped on me yelling “ba3ad 3omriiii” still laughing “we will have a baby, bas kilshay ib wakta 7ilo”

That was not satisfying to hear “Shno ya3ny kilshay ib wakta? Ya3ny meta y9eer wakta??” I huffed and puffed. He just smiled and laughed at me.

It was always like that between us he laughs at me whenever I get mad at something “you look cute when you’re mad” He’d say in response. I’d get furious at first but after a while when I realize that I can’t hold a straight face around him anymore a smile would slowly be the end point, our fights always ended in laughter.

I always reminded myself of how lucky I am to have him, he bares with me like no one could, and believe me I’m sooooo not an easy person.

I get mad at the smallest things and in seconds you can see me enraged, I take the tiniest remark and make it a personal thing, I’m stubborn and my head is harder than a mountain rock, I don’t talk, I always bottle up and instead of pouring my heart to a person I’d rather pour it in my journals and believe it or not that was the biggest Stone in the way of my perfect marriage ... I don’t negotiate and I like stuff my way, I’m very closed up on myself and to top all of that, I’m EXTREMELY sensitive and emotional, my tears come gushing down my tears at the simplest words.

So again I’m really lucky to have HIM... HE somehow was able to put all of that behind him and love me selflessly, unconditionally, and ultimately.

How did all of this begin you might wonder ???
Simply 7 years ago, when I was only 12 !!