That's IT ... we9alt 7addy .. I'm really TIRED .

Tired of Studying

Tired of here

Tired of the weather

Tired of being alone

Tired of staying at my apartment all day .. all alone

Tired of the rain

Tired of people

Tired of my Stupid major

Tired of TV

Tired of my Computer .. elly mjableta 24 hrs

Tired of my whole life ..

Its been raining here for a whole week ... and its making everything else sooo much worse ... ya3ny inshallah meta y9eer el 9aaaif .. 6oool el sena shetaaa :@ ... meta ashooof el shams ... AAAHHH GOD ... i miss KUWAIT

I Miss My MOM

I Miss My sisters

I Miss My room

I Miss Me doing nothing

I Miss the SUN

I Miss the A/C for some reason

I Miss the streets

I Miss the malls

I Miss My little fridge back in my KWTs apartment .. the one that is always empty .. except for KDDs pink orange juice.

I Miss KDD

I Miss Kraft jebin gla9aat

I Miss My bed

I Miss 9amoon falafel :S