Summer 2000

We all went to Europe (WE includes: my mom, dad, siblings, my 3 closest uncles, all my cousins, and of course our family friends). Oh and Europe means Germany and Austria ... He he :P
It was amazing, fun and simply incredible. it's great to be able to cut loose a bit from my siblings and instead be with my cousins.

well, i cant babble alot about the whole trip coz it almost took a month, but i sure can take a stroll around Memory lane for a few minutes.

First week...
we landed in Munich, Germany.
it took us about 30 mins to get to the hotel, i only remember that i was extremely tired from the flight and as soon as we got there and my dad and uncles went to the reception to get the rooms, i simply just threw myself on one couch and trailed to my dream land , i barely remember someone waking me up and taking me to my room that i shared with my beloved older sister.

when we took a considerable amount of rest we went for a walk at night in the silent streets of Munich, we had dinner at McDonalds, then went back to the hotel for a fresh day. i remember at the walk back we saw a couple kissing on a bridge .. and we would all turn around as we passed them to see .. w our moms yelled at us :P he he

The first week was busy, from salt mines, to the zoo, to ice caves, to Hitler's weapon factory, to a lot of places i cant remember.

Second week...

we took a bus ride to Austria, the ride there was fun especially when we crossed germany and they had us stand on the borders , when there was only a line drwan on the ground that seperated the two countries.
i had one foot in Germany and the other in Austria ... now who had been in two places at the same time, Huh ??? :D

In Austria we went to a great little country town, that was for relaxation, but us kidz didnt like the doing nothing thing, so we went roll-skating, mini-golf, and the best of all staying late at night playing UNO cards. Oh and there was this one place where we went up a mountain by the telepherique (or telefreak !! :P) and got down sliding on a cart , it was extremely FUN.

Third week ...

we went to vienna for shopping, the time for our moms to get what they were waiting for so patiently :P

and by that time we were all so eager to get back home... and so we did.
what did all that have to do with my story??! well simply that i got much closer to my cousins.

sooo.. nothing happened in Summer 2000 :D