The door bell rang

the maid litterly jumped the stairs down to open it, my uncle was on the door in his huge safari.

my dad left to Germany for his business meeting the day before and my uncle was to drive us to our beloved mazra3a.

" Salam 3amy " A huge smile sprang on my face

" Hala 3amy , jahzeen wala ba3ad ?? " he bent so i can kiss his head

"ee embala kelna jahzeen bas 5al el 5adam y76ooon el a'3rath bel sayara "

it took 35 mins to get to el mazra3a, a long ride, but i never felt bored coz Curls never left the house without her pen and notebook , i practically wrote everything on my mind, and i mean everything, my head was always swarming with ideas that i have to get rid of. Oh and if i ever got short of things to write .. my Archie digest was there to entertain me :p

we arrived there just before the sunset, and we were always the first to be there. so i was alone.

I hurried to my fave spot on the roof and sat there to watch the sunset, my pen in hand and papers in my lap ... i loved staying there , i liked being alone at such time, i liked how my head swelled with made up memories about HIM.

It's me and HIM , somewhere on a beach, the perfect summer's evening where the breeze is refreshing and subtle, we're walking hand in hand observing the orange sun slowly sinking in the undisturbed water of the huge ocean, the reflections are almost smiling at us. i lean and rest my head on HIS shoulder.

Right at that moment i snap out of my fantasy to reality. the sun has already set and the darkness is taking over. i stretched my arms as i heard my brothers preparing to pray.

Soon after i finished praying, most of my uncles were already there taking their places around the fire.

i brought my pen and notebook, settled myself on a chair, and then started writing ...

i lifted my head for while the pen between my lips and thought of words.

" Ha shga3ed tektbeen ?? " HE appeared out of no where

" Haa... umm nothing "

" aaah is that ur diary ?? "

"Laa2 ... shtaby 3ali bas wa5er "

He sat on a chair next to me just looking at me, in no more than a few minutes his sister sara came and sat next to him. i was still trying to ignore him and paid no attention to his remarks.

" Curly shga3da taktbeen ?? " sara asked

"wala shay " without even lifting my head up.

" ga3ed takteb masha3erha w e7sasat'ha " He sarcastically replied to his sister.

They both laughed.

I stopped writing, closed my notebook slowly, and got up.

' How dare HE ?? shno 8a9da ya3ny?? ya3ny he's making fun of me ?? ' my mind got busy with comments i would've had come up with to get back at him.. i thought about it for a couple of minutes 'Why do i like him ?? apparently HE couldn't care less about me ... HE's actually making fun of me.. ' ... a tear slowly made its way to my eyes and soaked my eyelashes

I went inside, my mom was in the kitchen preparing for dinner. i just didn't want to see HIM , bas mabe akalma, maby ashoofa, maby wala shay to do with HIM, a9lan i hate HIM.

"Mama ... shga3d tsaween 7ag el 3asha ?? "

"wayed ashya2, fee Burger, fee balalee6, 3ametich msawya lasagna w 3amich yayeb men Pizza Hut as usual "

murt 3amy never cooked for gatherings, she obviously would rather ordering from some restaurant than to spend all day ga3da bel ma6ba5 thinking of what to cook , so basically every weekend, 3amy would either order pizza or Fried chicken from KFC. on the other hand my mom always preferred to cook and make her delicious secret recipes that everyone loves.

"umm bas ?? "

"shtabeen ba3ad .. kel hal akel mo 3ajbech ?? "

" La La good, kelshay 7elo " i grabbed a handful of fries and got out of the kitchen.

i took a peek from behind the door, to make sure that HE is gone and then made my way to where all the girls were sitting, i just sat there frustrated with myself, until 7anan came and after she said Hello to everyone she came to sit next to me.

" Shfeech ?? laish wayhich chethy ?? " she asked

"shno shfee wayhee ... ma feeny shay ?? "

"embala imbayen thayeg 5elgich , 7esbalich ma3arfech !! "

" Inzain ta3alee da5el agoolich "

we both went inside, closed the door on ourselves and, i spilled everything little detail, leaving the part where i'm supposed to tell her that i have a crush on HIM.

As soon as we stepped out of the room , he was getting into the living room.

" 3ali , laish m2athy Curls ?? " Hanan said

i looked at her with an incredulous look on my face , embarrassed i lowered my head.

"ana ??? ma sawait shay !! " he replied

"Embala , gayelaha shay em'6ayegha "

"La walla ma gelt shay !! "

"Embala , 3ayal mno joked about 'masha3er w e7sasat' Haaa ?? "i said, my voice higtened a bit and waving my hand, my pen slipped and fell on the ground.

HE smiled that smile of his that made my insides flip, then walked in the direction of my pen and picked it up, HE came back to me and handed me the pen "well, ma nabee Curls tez3al, 3ad killish wala entay " He said still smiling.

On the way back home, i couldnt stop thinking about His words, and his smile still lingered in my head.