Exams are sooo way back wara '6ahry, w now that i'm home nothing feels as great as being surrounded by the people i love the most.

It always feels invigorating stepping out of the plane and placing my feet in Kuwait's airport, somehow i feel like a rush of happiness just crawls on me and i smile like its the most natural thing to do ... looking at people who are waiting to board on their planes .. and still smiling .. knowing that they are asking in their minds .. "shfeeha hal5ebla smiling at us" ... and yup i'm still smiling cheny maynoona .. going down to the stands where they stamp the passports before going to pick up our luggage (madry shesma halmokan) , w still smiling at the employee ..

"el7amdella 3al salama e5ty"

"allah ysalmik :D" lel7een shaga el 7alj ..

walking to the luggage and still smiling w ana na6ra my bag to come out .. then .. waiting




waiting bas lel7een smiling



still waiting ....

ra7ow el awadem .. my smile is fading ..hmmm !!

la7'6a chenna thats my name on the board there ..

Bags that weren't loaded on the plane
Curly Curls


" Honey ...!!" calling out to my hubby

" na3am galbi" looking at me from where he stood.

" ta3al shoof shno hatha , waaaai God laish chethy 7a'6y .. why why ?? laish something has to happen everytime, laish it's never a peacful ride to home ? "

"he he , 7abebti dont be so dramatic" he said while laughing.

" it's not funny , lo jan6itek chan ge3adt t9are5 3ala kel wa7ed belma6ar ... hmm " and i gave him a look.

it appeared that my bag was the only bag not loaded on the plane , and after my hubby did the usual procedure they said they were going to bring it by our house first thing tomorrow ... not-so-surprisingly it still hasnt arrived :S