I woke up today at 7am, the sun is not even up yet, '3a9eb shela3t nafsy mn my bed w went to the bathroom .. i washed up and prayed .. then went to my stupid notes that where scattered everywhere on my desk.

i tidied up the place then started studying till 12pm that's when i felt my head is going to explode .. so i slept for an hour and when i woke up i changed and went to the uni for my much feared exam.

It was raining ouside and it was still dark even though it was only 2pm,the weather was simply gloomy.. and on normal days, on days when i dont have exams and when my brain is soo fresh with no numbers and formulas,no ions or atoms... that weather would've just been how i wanted it to .. so i could take my reflecting walks alone just roaming the paved roads and looking around at people..

But today i needed some sun to brush away all the tension, nervousness and fear that started to build up inside me.

by the time i was at my uni, i had half an hour to get inside the exam hall and prepare myself ... and GOD how i hate this moment, my stomache starts to flip and i feel that i'm not ready yet.. and to come and think of it i never for once deshait an exam w thought that i'm prepared .. Hmm :S

2 Hours later ...

El7amdella ... El7amdella
i actually think i did GOOD :D

I finished my exam at about 1pm , I was already feeling sleepy and very dizzy but Curls el thakeya went and had a nice cup-a-coffee ... sooo i couldn't sleep ... w i was supposed to be resting to study for my next exam ...

After hours of useless net surfing .. it was 6pm

My dearest Calls ... ...

" 7abebtii ma tabeen tadrseen ?? "

Curls, " Embala, bas ba3d shway !! "

" Galbii bas mo bacher ur exam ??? "

me smiling " Laa2, mooo baacher on Wednesday " replied w 7addy laid back w relaxed on my bed..

Curls then chena felt something is wrong ... *thinking I'll just take a look at my time table*

20 Jan 09 ..... Tuesday .... EXAM

OMG OMG OMG ... i freaked out .. checking my phone ... OMG its 8.30pm .... I'm sooooooooo gonna fail .. of course that was accompanied with hysterical crying and panicking ...

I took my notes from their hide out w started calming myself down .. At 9pm i started studying .. It's 1am now .... I'm gonna rest for a couple of hours to get back to studying with a fresh brain :(

ed3oooly ... really Don't wanna fail ;( ..

I'll update tomorrow