" well then , that's all for today .. see you on Monday ... and have a nice weekend " The professor ended his lecture as he turned away to the computer stand.

the rustle of papers and notes filled the huge theater that we attended for our daily lectures, everyone stood up picking their bags and laptops while laughing and chatting away, making their way out of the theater after a long week filled with projects and essays.

i stood up from my chair at the far right corner of the theater and picked up my notes, placing them neatly in my bag ... then closing it, i wore my jacket picked up my bag and placed it on my shoulder and started my way up climbing the stairs to the door, most of the students had already left.. it was only me and a couple of girls who were still chatting, one of them was waving with her hands everywhere while the other made faces indicating how shocked she was at whatever they were talking about.

" Oh My God, did he actually say that? How could he ? ", I overheard the girl with the stupid faces.

I approached the door and they both fell silent and looking at me they smiled, i smiled back and pushed the door to get out.

the hallway was empty, i walked silently while a thousand thought raced in my head and the only sound i could hear was the clicks of my shoes on the marble floor.

as i got out o the university and reached the street my thoughts were invading my brain like an army through war, and i had to shake my head every now and then trying to clear it but no use.

i thought about my unfinished project that i had to complete soon enough, i thought about my presentation that gave me the creeps, since i have stage fright and my face would get all red and hot as soon as i see people looking at me expecting something to come out of my mouth, i thought about my list of notes that were supposed to be finished before the weekend !!

then i thought about my family back home, oh how i missed my sisters.
Just then HE slipped in my mind and a smile formed on my face, i always thought i will get married the usual way, i always said that I'll definitely be a part of an arranged marriage, where his mother would have seen me somewhere in a gathering and would ask about me, eventually she'd come to our house to ask my hand in marriage to her son. thats exactly how i thought it would be cause i knew myself, I'm not the kinda girl that would go for a relationship, i cant handle it and i cant keep a secret.

But that was NOT the case !!