3rd December 2009

4.12 am
I kept shifting and rolling in bed, i tried to sleep but i couldn't. something was weird, something was new. I had a million thoughts wandering around in my head. and i became suspicious.
i know i have gained a few Kgs in the past couple of weeks, but that's because i have a healthy appetite, that does not mean anything.
i placed my hands on my stomach, tried as best as i could to push those thoughts away, and then prepared to surrender... to my dreams.

i woke up, got out of bed.
and as i was washing up... i thought why not!
i waited for a few mins .. aand it was a POSITIVE!!

and that was the beginning of a 9 months journey ... YES I'm pregnant.
that was on December, 5 months ago.

now I'm 6 months into my pregnancy ... a couple more and I'll have my baby with me.