burning eyes
throbbing headache
racing heart beats
flight of ideas

all are symptoms of Exams
I'll call it Pre-Exam syndrome
there's a lot more but i cant make myself write anymore
since i have an exam in 3 hours and a half

i just left my notes on my desk
i cant look at them any longer..
my head is killing me and i cant concentrate
i already swallowed Panadol
it seems the effects haven't kicked in yet

I'm really scared ..
well to be honest i don't recall the last time i got into the exam hall
and wasn't absolutely terrified.

have you ever cheated ??
3omerkom ketabtaw bershama ??
my mind always seems to freeze simply at the prospect of cheating
i tried once to snatch the answers from a friend
but i couldn't make myself do it
I'm just too scared
i simply cant take the risk of being exposed

you can call me a coward if you like !!

i have helped others to cheat from my paper though
in high school ..

anyway i guess i should go back to revising .. uuuhh
well at least writing this post helped a little with the headache

ed3ooly plz !!