The following are typical conversations with my Hubby ..

One Day ...

We're taking a walk in the infamous X-street, the sun is bright and high up, the sky is coloured with the blue-ist shade of blue ... We are perfectly happy and enjoying our walk.

We pass next to a flower stand, i stare longingly at the Roses and Tulips, the lillies and peonies are just a great shade of Pink.

" AAAHhhhh " I Sigh ..

no response on the other side .. hmm

" Honey , see that one over there that's Calla and the other one there these are lillies " trying to get him to crack the code.

"Oh , OK " he responds

"Ee bas be'3ait agoolik , u were asking the other day .. ma kent t3aref tfareg !! " i said bas apparently .. no use still w y6ofna el ward :(

Silence ...

we are still walking .. and yet another flower stand come across our way .. you think its a coincidence ?? i think its a SIGN .. HUH !!

I think to myself as we are approaching the gorgeous tubs of flowers .. should i keep trying to make him understand that i want flowers .. ya3ny ham ba3ad age6 na'3zat .. or should i just be straight forward w agoola Yuba eshtarly ward w 5ALA9 ??

Do i want flowers because i want HIM to give them to me .. or do i just want flowers and period ??

as soon as we come in distance to smell the vibrant scents of the countless combination of sweet coloured blossoms.

I realize that i want FLOWERS and Period .... i couldn't help myself anymore .. " Ya3ny meta ra7 teshtreeely ward ?? " i blurted out

" Haa .. a9lan ana kent bashtreelich ward bas dam enich u asked now it will seem as though i bought flowers just because you asked me to .. which is not the case , i guess i'll just have to buy u flowers another time just so u see that i WANT to .. " he replies

" La walllaaaaa " i protested

" EEee Wallla ..."

"UFFF aby ward "

" ma7ad galich tetkalmain lo mo metkalma chan el7een maska ward ib eedich "

That one day I went back home with empty hands ...

Another Day ...

We are taking another one of our walks .. but this time it's raining this annoying kinda light rain and its windy as well, we had a small break before each one of us have to go back to work.

We just finished lunch, taking a short walk on X-street again, i have a lecture in 30 mins and i have to head back to uni, Aaaand we pass by the flower stand, the cursed flower stand.

" 7abeebty yalla nagay which kinda flowers u want " He said with a huge smile on his face

"What ??? NOW ?? "

" Ee now Yalla "

" i have a lecture in 3o mins .. wain a7e6 el ward inshallah ?? " i asked in disbelief

" kaifich .. bas tara i wanted to buy you flowers .. mo tgoolen ba3ad i didn't offer "

" La wallaa "

" Eeee Walllaa "

And i went back home with empty hands AGAIN

Some Day ....

I was walking alone after i was done with uni .. just drinking coffee, window shopping and taking sometime alone for myself ..

I passed the Lady selling Flowers and thought ' What the heck! I'll get me some flowers ' and i did .. Just that EASY

That Day i went back home with gorgeous Lillies in my hands :D

I arranged my white Pinkish lillies in my blue vase ... and set them by my window then i just sat on the couch and stared.

when He came back home ...

" Laaa2 ... Laish Sheraitay Ward ?? , i was going to buy you some tomorrow "

Oh Well i guess i can never win this flower battle :S