25th July 2010, the day i welcomed my baby to the world. it was a unique experience for sure, one that incorporated all the emotions that i have ever felt in my whole life plus some more new ones.
It was a surreal moment when i saw HIM for the first time (Yes It's a BOY). something was triggered inside of me, much like a switch. i still cant describe that feeling .. i guess its motherhood :)

I cant believe how my life changed in one night, i now have to move armed with diapers, bottles and formula. and even tho i get the constant " you're so young to have a baby " .. i'm enjoying every second of it ... coz just the sight of his tiny teeny hand stretched out to hold my blouse when i'm feeding him is worth the whole wide world. not to mention his smile that sends my heart flying through the roof.

Soo .. now you know where i have been .. Motherhood is a full time job :)