I just loved it , it summs up everything i ever felt.

"Curls , come here bagoolech shay " Hanan called.

"wait degeega " i said , i grabbed the bag with the fireworks and hid it under my jacket as i hurried towards the swings where Hanan was.

we settled each on a swing, as we started our weekly conversations about school, friends and guys.

I turned my face to where all the family was sitting bel mazra3a, ans saw him going round and about searching for his fireworks, i smiled to myself and turned to complete the already running conversation with 7anan.

"Curls !! "a voice called

"hala " i turned around only to see him standing behind me.

his face portrayed the confusion of a 3 year old when trying to hold water in hands with open fingers. and i tried my best to hide the growing urge of cracking a humongous laugh right then and there.

"ma cheftay my fireworks ?? , they were in a bag right next to the door" he asked

" Haaa .. ummm ... maaadry , i don't think so " i was still trying not to laugh.

"Curls met2akda ma 5ethaiteehom ?? " he looked at me suspiciously.

i couldn't say a word cause then i would definitely lose the innocent look on my face and be caught for sure.

"yeeebehom , i know u've got them "he finally realized that my expressionless face was screaming with guilt.

" Ok bas 3ala shar6 "i said while laughing.

" Shnoo ?? "

"t5aleeny i light a couple of them "

"La2 , they are mine yeebehom "

" kaifek they are with me, i get to decide not u "

"inzain , 5ala9 5ala9, a5aleech "

all the while 7anan was looking at me smiling, and when i gave him his fireworks, i hurried behind him so he could fulfill his promise to me.

i stood behind him while he lighted the first two with my dad's lighter.

we were surrounded by all my cousins, who were waiting for the the fireworks to light up and fly into the space where they would blow into amazing vibrant colours, we all watched in awe, that was the favourite part of us going to el mazra3a every week in the freezing cold winter.

He called my name so i would go and try lighting up one as he promised he would let me, i walked closer to where he was standing, he gave me the lighter and i bent to the ground.
after the coloured lights faded in the sky, and everyone lowered their heads to its normal position, he came back to me demanding for his lighter, but i was more than just an innocent little girl, i refused.

" Curls , yalla 3aad yeebe el wala3a 5al asheb el bajy "he pleaded

"maby , malat oboy , shtaby enta ?? "

" yeebeeha "


"shofay , yeebeha tara ayee a6ub 3alaich w a5eth'ha , ma 3ndy suwalef entay bnaya w madry shno "his eyes were gleaming now.

"mabeee " i was a bit scared now , coz he didn't seem like he was joking but i thought he wouldn't dare to do it .

He stepped closer to me , aaand closer ... closer ... closer ...
it was inches only between my face and his, my vision of him started to become blurry considering how close he came.

it was then when my mind came to a full black out, when the back up generator started to work in my brain, i cam to a realization that i should step back , at first i took one step backwards then i jumped back to hide behind Hanan's back.

He was smilling now , and i threw the lighter at him, a million thoughts going about my head at the same time.