I handled the first months of morning sickness

I was ok with the weird cravings

I made it through the unbearable back aches

I got used to stealing all the pillows in the house and stuffing them under my back

I bid farewell to my small tummy and welcomed the huge soccer ball

I made peace with the damn scales .. even though i'm in tears every time i step on them

I gave up on my daily shot of Caffiene

No more heals for me .. but that was fine

the Puffy face still scares me each morning when i wake up ..
and whats more, its still there when i go to sleep at night


Thats Normal, After all i'm Pregnant
I can take all of that

What I CANT take is

Exams WHILE i'm pregnant

I cant sit on a chair to study let alone sit for 2 straight hours for the exams
and its just perfect when Baby decides to play in the middle of my exam
so in addition to all the stress i'm in trying to remember what the hell i have studied
i have to put up with distraction of the kicks and rolls
and you dont wanna see me trying to reach the table over my soccer ball belly

1 more exam Curls, 1 more and you have the whole summer !