My baby's birthday was a couple of days ago, He's older than me now and for the next 7 months he will be, until i catch up with him ;) he he he

Don't you agree that buying gifts for guys is sooooo HARD ?? i never know what to get him, and i can never get hints out of him coz basically he never really wants anything ?? and it gets really exhausting trying to find the perfect gift.

So this year i decided to go with many silly-small-presents.. and we had a good laugh at it.
but i had to get him something not silly .. 3ashan laman its my turn to get all the gifts i get something NICE if you know what i mean ;) so i got him a really NICE tie.

Oh and by the way he opened all his gifts weeks before his birthday .. coz HE didnt want to have a birthday " i dnt know whats so great about birthdays" he said ..

On his real birthday .. i couldnt go with nothing .. so i wrote him a bday card with a huge bunch of roses ... 7abeeeby it was the 1st time anyone has ever brought him flowers .. coz usually i'm the one whose getting those :P

and surprisingly he was really happy with the roses he even cut and arranged them himself, admiring his work every 2 mins.

so i guess Guys do like flowers after all.. or maybe just MY guy :P aaahh a new reason to fall in love with him even more .. coz that means even more flowers for me :D

BaBy i Love you MORE than Chocolate :)
w enjoy being older ;)