First Of all , Mbarak 3alaikom el shahar w kel 3am w entaw b5air ..

i have no idea why bas a7es this year Ramathan ibser3a yee .. i wasnt ready yet .. Hmm .. nevertheless i'm glad its here coz it rises my spirituality, and i feel so safe and protected for some reason.

I was extremely BUSY lately .. there's a lot that's going on through my life lately ..
starting from the family vacation that i recently came back from..
to preparing for my next course w mul7a8atoho ;P

i still have a lot to do ..
i should get my UK visa renewed ..
i should get a US visa ..
i have a couple of Dr appointment kashta feehom w i shouldnt really ..
i should catch up on my reading . bas il7een i have no time
coz i should condense my Quran readings
i should buy a dara3a 7ag my family's yearly gergee3an ..
and i have nothing to wear coz i never have worn a dara3a in my life , w this time i have no excuse not to ..
i should buy my Eid outfit .. which i'm seriuosly thinking of 6anishing .. coz maly 5elg alef el soug..

hmmm .. what else
Oh yes i have a couple of birthdays/gatherings to attend ..
w men zemaaaaaaan mo shayfa any of my frndz elly wedhom yethb7oony
bas shsaweee ?? :S

P.s Daddy's Girl thanx hun for asking about me .. i guess the above has answered ur Qs ;)