I pushed the door open and got in; the security guy looked at me and smiled.

"Hey, Good morning" I said smiling back

I walked to the elevator and pushed the button ... 4th floor, I waited silently, it stopped ... I walked to the door of my apartment and rummaged through my handbag to find my keys.

As soon as I got in I dropped my bag and headed to my room, HE was still in bed sleeping while hugging the covers so tightly you'd think he's afraid they would escape.
I smiled at the sight of him and sat softly on the side of the bed, kissed his forehead and ran my fingers through his hair.

"7abebi ma taby tgoom, t2a5ar el wakt" I leaned on him

" Mmmmm ... ba3ad shway .. Bas 5 mins" he shuffled in bed.

" Inzain bas 5 mins ... ba3dain tgoom 5ala9 .. tara aket 3alaik mai "I threatened

I laid in bed next to him and stuffed my arms under the pillows and stayed like that for sometime... Thinking stuff over and over again.
How it all started then it ended and how it started again ... it all seemed to me as if it was out of a dream, a dream that was too good to be true.
"But hey it did come true, and I can’t be any happier" I thought and smiled to myself, I closed my eyes to rest them and in not more than a few minutes I was fast asleep.


I have a daughter she is almost 3 years old, she was playing with another girl her age in the park , they were running everywhere laughing and kicking like there was no tomorrow, I looked at them from where I sat on the bench and smiled “what a beautiful girl I have brought to life” I thought .

She was fair with dark brown hair and big doe eyes, those of her father, her eyelashes were long and bordered her eyes beautifully, that I have to take credit for. Her hair was tied in a short pony tail and she was wearing a red dress that was too fancy for a day at the park but she looked simply gorgeous in it.

My phone rang, and the sound of my ringtone was begging for me to pick up, I put my hands in my bag searching for my phone not wanting to take my eyes off my sweet little daughter, not able to locate the damn phone I lifted the bag and started rummaging through it until I found it but it stopped ringing before I could pick up.

I lifted my eyes and my girl was running after a little pigeon trying to get near it but she was running towards the pond and she wasn’t even looking straight.
I panicked I ran after her like crazy...Thinking “my sweet little miracle”