In my case , always a Blog-follower never a blogger ... until now !
After much thought and consideration I decided I should join this world of unravelled secrets and unknown personalities.

I first stumbled upon blogger when I was going through some work for my school project, frantically typing words on google trying to find something relevant to the actual topic I'm supposed to search for, eventually I clicked on a link ... aaaaand a BLOG, I read through the first paragraphs and it was captivating, I had no more time to waste .... so I added the link to my favourites and continued my hopeless search for pieces of useful information.

In a few weeks time I was addicted to reading blogs ... but it took me much more time to start one myself ... anyhoo anyhoww ... here I am ... publishing my first post ever :D

P.S I don't yet know what this blog is going to be about .. but i guess I'll figure that out soon enough ..